Who We Are

Our Mission

The Learning Source promotes and provides educational opportunities through collaborative partnerships for adults and families to support their future achievements.


Our Beginnings

Sister Cecilia Linenbrink founded The Learning Source in 1964. The nonprofit program began in a church basement with only 40 students, 16 volunteers and no paid staff. Today, The Learning Source is the oldest and largest adult education agency in Colorado and the mission established by Sister Cecilia remains steadfast.

Sister Cecilia was an amazing woman who was truly called to serve those in need through education. Her groundbreaking work with adult learners made an incredible impact on those she served. Our team of experienced and passionate teachers, staff and volunteers are proud to uphold and advance Sister Cecilia’s legacy and maintain The Learning Source’s history of excellence.



The Learning Source is made up of passionate individuals who work together to change lives through education. Our team members, volunteers, partners and donors come to the table and do the hard work needed each and every day to serve adult students and families throughout Colorado.



Our team members are experienced teachers, managers and administrators that put their passion for serving adult students and families first. Their dedication to helping students reach their educational goals is unmatched and unwavering.



Our volunteers find it rewarding and meaningful to help tutor adult students and families. Volunteer tutors help teachers and team members with one-on-one instruction and/or small group work.



By creating a network of support with partners, The Learning Source is able to provide vital educational opportunities for adults and families throughout Colorado. Our partners help us to reach adults and families statewide and are essential to our strength and success.



The generous support and involvement of our donors allows us to increase educational opportunities and provide pathways to success for the adults and families we serve. Our donors commitment not only allows us to continue to serve, but also gives us the opportunity to grow and evolve.

And at the Center...Our Students.

The students we serve come from diverse backgrounds. Nearly 30% of our students are immigrants and represent more than 50 countries. Our students also face distinct challenges and more barriers than traditional students. A few of these barriers include working two jobs,
caring for families, having limited transportation options, and dealing with budget constraints. At The Learning Source, your individual, unique situation matters and we work with you to ensure you receive the support and resources you need and deserve. We are here to help you succeed.

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