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English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are FREE and teach six levels of English with a focus on the skills needed for living and working in an English-speaking society. Classes incorporate the four components of learning a language including reading, speaking, listening and writing. These classes are available throughout Colorado.


Library Program

FREE ESL classes are available at our partner library locations in Arapahoe County.


Family Literacy

The family literacy program is FREE for the parents and families of children attending elementary school at participating Aurora or Cherry Creek public schools. The program helps parents become more actively involved in their children’s education, improve their English skills, access community resources and integrate into their communities.


Cherry Creek High Schools

FREE ESL classes are available for parents and family of students attending high school in the Cherry Creek school district.


English Conversation Circles

Join our FREE English conversation circles online or in-person. Practice English and learn more about American culture. Speak with others who are learning the English language.



These FREE classes build knowledge, reading and math skills to help you pass the General Educational Development (GED) test and earn your high school equivalency credential or enter college, through direct instruction, individualized tutoring and self-paced learning.

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