Over time, the program has become increasingly integrated into the school district’s culture and has expanded to eleven schools in both the Aurora and Cherry Creek School Districts.

Current locations of our Family Literacy programs include:

  • Cimarron Elementary 17373 E Lehigh Place, Aurora, Colorado
  • Fulton Elementary 755 Fulton Street, Aurora, Colorado
  • Meadow Point Elementary 17901 E Grand Avenue, Aurora, Colorado
  • Paris Elementary 1635 Paris Street, Aurora, Colorado
  • Peoria Elementary 875 Peoria Street, Aurora, Colorado
  • Ponderosa Middle School 1885 S Lima, Aurora, Colorado
  • Sable Elementary 2601 Sable Blvd, Aurora, Colorado
  • Virginia Court Elementary 395 S Troy, Aurora, Colorado
  • Highline Elementary 11000 E. Exposition, Aurora, Colorado
  • Holly Hills 6161 E Cornell Avenue, Denver, Colorado