Student of the Month



SOM March

Juan Orozco joined Family Literacy in 2013 and has a son in Kindergarten at Peoria Elementary. Juan is the only father in a class of more than 20 moms, but that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He participates in all discussions, is kind and patient with his classmates in group work, and completes all assignments. Juan has already advanced a full level in English proficiency. He works full time and more, rarely misses a class, and participates in all aspects of the program.

In his English studies, Juan is focusing on writing. His listening and speaking skills are very good, and his reading is excellent. Juan’s dream is to become a famous chef and his tamales are among the best I have ever tasted! He works as a cook for a small restaurant in Aurora  and is doing research about cuisine for our class blog. He would like to go to college, but is worried about his busy schedule. We know he can do it.