Student of the Month



Rubi (Cinthia) Urquidi has had almost perfect attendance  the past two years in the level two and level three classes at Belmar Family Literacy.  She is usually the first person to arrive each morning. She is a very serious student who comes prepared to learn each and every day.  Rubi has shown significant improvement in speaking and writing. Her self confidence in her ability to learn English has also increased tremendously in the past year.  Rubi volunteers every week in her son’s second grade classroom.  She understands the importance of parental involvement in school.   Rubi has worked for a cleaning company, but in the past year, she started her own cleaning business in addition.  She created business cards and she is enthusiastic about her future.  If Rubi shows the same commitment to her job that she shows toward learning English and involvement in her children’s education, she has a very bright future.